Jul 29: Smooter was rescued by United Doberman Rescue and Canine Castaways of Minnesota. He ate a corn cob and required surgery.
Jul 29: Darlene required a double TPLO surgery due to bilateral Cruciate Ligament tear. 

Mar 27: 6 year old Maria was rescued by Doberman Rescue League in southern Florida.  A string of tumors required a long/complicated surgery.

Mar 24: Layla's owners wouldn't pay for FHO surgery so she could walk without pain.  Dobies & Little Paws/DMDRA gave her second chance.

Mar 17: 11 year old Eunice was save by Atlanta Doberman Rescue; we them pay for the emergency care she desperately needed. 

Mar 14: Zero was turned in to an animal shelter because he had melanomas. DMDRA was happy to help with the cost of surgery to save him.

Jul 30: Dobies and Little Paws Rescue in CA pulled Marsha from a shelter.  A bullet had shattered his elbow and half of his ulna, requiring Amputation.
May 4: Tito was pulled by High Desert Doberman Rescue in NM.  An 8 year old owner surrender, he was in poor health and had a large tumor.


Sep 22: Ginger from Bluegrass Doberman Rescue required extensive medical care.

Sep 19: Doberman Pinscher Rescue of PA rescued Sasha; she had numerous health issues, all complicated by VWD.

Sep 18: Atlanta Doberman Pinscher rescued Irma. she required extensive medical attention to extend her senior years as long as possible.

Sep 13: Rockstar was saved by Northern California Doberman Rescue; he had a bad case of mange and a bladder stone that required surgery.

Aug 24:  Sissy was surrendered to Bluegrass Doberman Rescue due to kidney failure.  Her treatment was expensive. 

Aug 16: Penelope is a 3 yr old in the care of Doberman Rescue League in Florida. She was extremely ill with mastitis and pyometra.

Aug 14: Farrah was badly injured by another dog and had to have her leg amputated.

Aug 8: Rambo was rescued by Dog Mountain Rescue in California. He needed surgery to remove growths and skin tags to have them biopsied.

Aug 5: Shadow was rescued by Dog Mountain Rescue in California and required surgery for an intestinal blockage; a true Dobergoat...

July 17:  Bernie was pulled from death row in a California shelter by Doberman Rescue of Nevada. 
June 26:  Willow of United Doberman Rescue in MN needed TPLO surgery in both knees.  The operation was a success.
June 26: Hannah was rescued by Doberman Rescue of NV.  How anyone could toss this precious soul into the Nevada desert is unthinkable.
June 07:  Georgia Doberman Rescue received a grant to help Si, who needed corrective surgery.
June 01:  Cedar was rescued by Animal Care Services in Eukala CA.  She was a stray with a badly broken leg. 

Dec 21: Dobie Ranch Rescue saved Indy, for sale on rescueme.org for $100 with a broken leg. After 3 agonizing weeks, she finally her surgery. 
Dec 16: Maximus was found as a stray and turned over to Dobie Ranch Rescue in FL. He required surgery on his back leg.
Dec 12: Noel was found after being hit by a car, still healing from mutilated ears. Thanks to Doberman Rescue League of FL, she has  a bright future.
Dec 2: Barney was caught by animal conrtol with a badly broken leg.  Doberman Rescue of Nevada took him in and he is currently on the mend.
Sep 29: Doberman Underground saved Savannah. Heartworm positive with adverse reaction.  DMDRA assisted with the financial burden.

Sep 25: 116 neglected Dobermans were seized from a puppy mill in South Carolina.  DMDRA helped financially with critical medical care.


Apr 13: Edmundo was rescued by Dobies and Little Paws Rescue in Ca. He thought it was okay to eat a work glove...
Apr 11: Linus was saved by Doberman Rescue League in Florida. He was a stray with a large, ulcerated, and infected mass on his left flank area. 
Apr 11: Rocky was hit by a car, suffering a badly broken leg that went untreated 20 days before Doberman Rescue of Nevada  was asked to save him.
Apr 9: Doberman Rescue of Nevada saved Princess, left an orphan when her human died. She needed emergency dental work for broken teeth.

Mar 28:  Anna came into rescue with big problems. Sweet Home Doberman Rescue gave her everything she needed to live her best life.
Mar 21: Hayden was rescued by Dog Mountain Rescue. DMDRA was able to assist with the cost of his FHO surgery.
Mar 4: Sable was rescued by Doberman Underground and needed an expensive CT scan to rule out Wobblers.
Mar 4:  Harley is a beautiful senior gal with Distinguished Doberman Rescue.  She bloated twice and hospital bills grew quickly. 
Mar 4:  Ramses was taken in by Georgia Doberman Rescue after he tore his ACL and his owner could not afford the expensive surgery.

Jan 2:  Autumn, from Doberman Rescue League in Florida, developed a complication with clotting and needed intensive intervention during surgery.
Jan 2: Nova was saved by Doberman Pinscher Rescue of PA.  DMDRA assisted with the cost of his cancer treatments.
Jan 2: Drogo from Dobies and Little Paws in CA was rushed to the local vet who diagnosed him with an obstruction requiring emergency surgery.
Nov 6: Louie suffered a broken leg when he fell from the back of his owners truck and was surrendered to Volunteer State Doberman Rescue.
Nov 1: Monty had a great Halloween thanks to Dobies and Little Paws in California after surgery to repair two broken rear legs.

Feb 27: Gunther had Entropion eyelids and received treatment while waiting to find the perfect family at Doberman Rescue League in southern Florida. 
Feb 16: Canela from Dog Mountain Rescue in CA was hit by a car and suffered a fractured vertebra. Her surgery was successful. Good luck little lady..
Feb 06: Cherry was fostered through Georgia Doberman Rescue while recuperating from her amputation after being hit by a car.
Jan 18: Roxy from Doberman Rescue of NV is our newest grant recipient.  This lovely redhead desperately needed some dental surgery. 
Mar 2: Dobie Ranch Rescue in FL saved this sweet girl suffering from Demodex, chemical burns, pneumonia, HW positive, eye AND ear infections.
Nov 3: Broderick was rescued by Dobies and Little Paws Rescue in CA.  They noticed the signs of bloat and rushed him to the vet.
Nov 30: Andrea from Dobies and Little Paws in California received a grant to assist with the amputation of her mangled leg.
Nov 07: Piper of Lone Star Doberman Rescue in Texas, required corrective surgery to get on with her new life and active pain free future.

Aug 31: Logan was save by Top Dog Animal Rescue Group in Michigan. He had Fibrosarcoma that required an amputation to save his life.

Aug 28:  Duchess was rescued by Distinguished Doberman Rescue; she needed surgery a week after a spay operation developed complications.

Aug 24: Ginger was saved by Bluegrass Doberman Rescue; she needed major surgery to correct a painful condition in both elbows.  

Aug 18:  Sweet Pippi was rescued just in time by Atlanta Doberman Pinscher Rescue, and she spent days in the hospital until she was stable.

Aug 04:  Greta was rescued by Dobies and Little Paws Rescue in CA; he had an old ACL tear that never healed and desperatly needed surgery.

Oct 24: Dobies and Little Paws in CA worked incredibly hard to get Tucker healthy after pulling him from a shelter.  Sadly, he passed a day after surgery.
Oct 7: Blueberry was saved by Dog Mountain Rescue in CA. DMDRA issued a grant to help with her expenses. Such a gentle face...

Dec 19: Christmas wishes for Radar.  He's a sweet boy rescued by Doberman Underground.  A severe eye infection required removing the eye.
Nov 11: 2 yr old Rio was rescued by Ruff Tales Rescue.  This young girl needed help with her FHO surgery. 
Nov 05: 3 Parvo pups from High Desert Doberman rescue are now on the road to recovery and DMDRA is once again happy to help.
Nov 5: Cady was saved by High Desert Doberman Rescue in NM. After FHO surgery, she bloated during recovery. What a tough cookie she is.

Past Grants

Dec 13: Rose of Sweet Home Doberman Rescue received a grant for surgery and recovered nicely. 

Dec 08: Temperance rescued by Tennessee Doberman Rescue Plus; Mammary tumor removal and broken/rotten teeth extraction. 

Dec 1: Misty, in the care of Doberman Pinscher Rescue of PA; had surgery to correct Microphtalmia.

May 27:  United Doberman Rescue took Ivanka after she broke femur and her owner no longer wanted her.

May 18:  Charlotte was rescued by Doberman Underground and required surgery on her foot. DMDRA was glad to assist with the cost. 

May 16: Patton was rescued by Doberman Underground and required extensive medical attention.

May 09: Sweet Georgia Brown needed surgery for an ulcerated mammary tumor.  We helped Dobies and Little Paws in California pay for it.



Oct 20: Falcon's broken leg required surgery and a week long hospital stay and we are very happy to help Dobies and Little Paws Rescue.
Oct 10: Precious little Frances faced big problems due to structural abnormalities at birth.  Doberman Pinscher Rescue of PA saved her.
 Oct 02: Teddy was saved by Doberman Underground. He required an amputation after surgery failed to repair his badly broken leg.

Feb 23: Baby Milo from Doberman Rescue of New Mexico had two broken hips. Surgery  successful, but has a long journey to recovery.

Feb 8: Fiona was rescued by Sweet Home Doberman Rescue; she had Parvo. She received the life saving care to beat this deadly disease.

Apr 24:  Honey was rescued by Dobies and Little Paws in CA. After recovering from a URI and spay, her Entropion eyes were able to be corrected.
Apr 24: Fletcher, Max, & Shaggy were saved by Milo's Dog Rescue of South FL after being abandoned under a porch for 8 weeks.  all 3 survived Parvo.
Apr 19:  Zelda was rescued by Furbaby Rescue of NC and required surgery for a broken femur. We were pleased to hear the surgery was successful.

Oct 26: Canejo was with Dobies and Little Paws Rescue in California when he bloated.  Medical costs surpassed $3500.

Oct 12:  Following a South Carolina Puppy Mill bust, Southwest Ohio Doberman Rescue pulled 10 females into their care.

Oct 5:  Dobies and Little Paws in Ca pulled Gotham from an animal shelter with a badly broken leg, respiratory infection and a large hematoma.

Feb 25:  Rebel was rescued by Fur-Ever Home Rescue in MN after he ate part of his bedding. His intestines ruptured, forcing 2 lifesaving surgeries.
Feb 16:  Doberman Rescue of Nevada saved Blaze, dumped by his owner after 8 years. Medical intervention was not enough and sweet Blaze died.

Aug 29: Cindy was one of 4 turned in by her owner and saved by Doberman Rescue League in southern FL. She needed surgery for stump pyometra. 
Aug 25: Lilly was rescued by Doberman Underground and required our assistance to pay for emergency surgery to repair a torn ACL.

Jan 31: Mr. T. from Dobies and Little Paws received a grant to help with the cost of his medical needs. 
Jan 26: Luna from Tennessee Doberman Rescue Plus, ate a toy she couldn't digest.  Her surgery was successful.

Jan 21: Golondrina, a Dobies and Little Paws Rescue, needed surgery to retain her well deserved, and wonderful quality of life.

Jan 21: Dobies and Little Paws Rescue in CA saved Cozy, a stray with a broken leg that had to be amputated.

Jan 13: Murdock, of Dobies and Little Paws Rescue in California.  His broken leg was been successfully operated on.