Rescue/Organization information

By submitting this application, I state that  I agree to abide by  the DMDRA Applicant Guidelines, that the information supplied herein is true and accurate, and that I am authorized to represent the organization in this capacity.  Should DMDRA wish to seek confirmation of the details of this submission, I authorize the attending veterinarians/vendors to release such information upon request. If DMDRA is able to accept this case, I grant permission for pictures and updates to be posted on the DMDRA website and Facebook page.

Case Specific information

 DMDRA Assistance Policy

    Assistance grants are on a case-by-case basis, and acceptance is at the sole discretion of the DMDRA Board of Directors. DMDRA   decisions are based on several factors to include funding available, short and long-term prognosis, and the ability of the requesting rescue group to bear some of the financial burden.  Please read carefully before submitting an application for assistance, you will need to understand the following:

-Invoices/applications under $1,000 will NOT be considered.

-Assistance is available for purebred Dobermans only.  We simply do not have the resources to help with mixes.   If there is any doubt about eligibility, a decision will be made by the Officers and Board of Directors of DMDRA.

-DMDRA will ONLY pay the veterinary office/vendor directly.  ALWAYS ask the veterinarian’s office or vendor if they charge back to the rescue group’s credit card should they insist the entire bill be paid up front. DMDRA will not reimburse directly to the rescue for veterinary/vendor expenses.

-The invoice MUST be in the rescue group’s name. No invoices under a foster’s name will be accepted.

-An itemized invoice (not an estimate, treatment plan/proposal, etc.) MUST be submitted by email to  At least two pictures should also be submitted (one close-up of the head, and one full-body picture taken from the side).  The application, photos, and invoice should all be submitted on the same date. DMDRA considers only those items on the invoice that have been performed within 60 days prior to the invoice date.
-If the rescue is receiving help from another organization(s) or from public donations, the rescue must disclose all amounts received or pledged.  

 -If you have any questions regarding DMDRA policies/procedures, please click here                               prior to submission of an assistance application.

If you need help with this form, or have questions, please click here!

Application for Assistance

This application must be completed by a member of the Board of Directors of the organization requesting help.  Please submit a photo or photos of the Doberman(s) in need of assistance.