DMDRA is not a rescue group and we cannot assume custody of a Doberman in need - we are an
organization providing financial assistance only.  Applications will only be considered for Dobermans who have a commitment from a rescue group.

DMDRA will accept applications for assistance from the following:
Established rescue groups who have a purebred Doberman or Dobermans requiring above normal expenses for their care.
- Humane Societies and shelters that have purebred Dobermans in their care resulting from puppy mill busts, cruelty confiscations, and natural disasters, who need immediate medical attention not covered by other donations.

DMDRA does not assist individuals with expenses for privately owned Dobermans.  We will consider assisting rescues with extraordinary expenses (minimum of $1,000).  Examples of these types of expenses are:
- Catastrophic emergency veterinary care (including surgery).
- Veterinary medical supplies such as carts, prosthetics, etc.

DMDRA does not cover routine expenses for rescue Dobermans (e.g. exams, vaccinations, spay/neuters,
routine diagnostic tests, heart worm treatment, etc). We also do not cover costs of behavior modification/training; nor do we pay for supplements, special foods (unless while hospitalized), herbs, homeopathy, or other items/procedures that are outside the mainstream.

DMDRA assistance is meant to augment (not replace) assistance provided by the requesting group – the
requesting group must be willing/able to bear some of the required expenses.