Our Mission is to provide assistance with rescue and rehabilitation of homeless purebred Doberman Pinschers which includes (but is not limited to): 

- Assistance with extraordinary veterinary medical costs

- Assisting animal shelters, rescue groups, humane societies, etc. with costs incurred while caring for Dobermans confiscated in puppy mill and hoarder cases
- Assisting animal shelters, rescue groups, humane societies, etc. with the costs incurred while rescuing Dobermans during and after natural disasters

- Providing an educational platform for rescue groups that assist Dobermans in need.

- Raising funds to sustain our mission. Every penny of every donation will go to Dobermans in need!

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Decker McKee Doberman Rescue Assistance, Inc. (DMDRA) is a non-profit, charitable organization.  From an amazing love story between a man and his Doberman, a bequest was made- and from that generosity, Decker McKee Doberman Rescue Assistance was born.   Decker was rescued from a shelter in 2011.  Extremely depressed and completely shut down, he was covered with scars and scabs.  Speculation is that he was used as a bait dog.  Over time his foster parent was able to gain his trust and get him more involved with the world around him. Later that year, a gentleman named Bill McKee applied to adopt Decker.  He had just lost his velcro, super-affectionate Doberman companion and was looking for a new friend.  Bill was warned that Decker was not like his former Doberman, and would probably never be a snuggly, affectionate boy.  With Decker, Bill needed to look for, and appreciate, the small signs of love, trust, and affection.  Bill would have to work for it, but decided he wanted to try.  There were a few phone calls and emails seeking advice, but Bill and Decker settled into their new roles and became true companions.  Bill needed Decker, and Decker definitely needed Bill.  We honor them and the love they shared.

Welcome to D.M.D.R.A.

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