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       DMDRA is a non-profit 501(c)3, tax exempt charitable organization  (EIN: 81-2770256) incorporated in North Carolina on May 25, 2016.

  • Catastrophic injury, birth defect, or illness is a critical factor in Doberman rescue.  Most rescue groups simply cannot bear the total cost of such events even when the Doberman might have a good chance at recovery and a normal life. That’s where Decker McKee Doberman Rescue Assistance comes in.  With your financial support (no matter how small) we can help rescue groups give a second chance to some very needy Dobermans. Financial assistance is sent directly to the veterinarian/medical provider and DMDRA manages your funds closely.  All donations are greatly appreciated - from rescuers, Doberman groups, and wonderful Doberman lovers everywhere.
  • You can make donations to our general fund or to a specific Doberman's case (see Recent Grants tab).  Please be aware that if you choose to make a donation to a specific Doberman and that Doberman's needs are fulfilled, we will roll all remaining donations to the next Doberman that needs help (i.e. donations will not be returned to the donors).
  • We strive to keep administrative costs as low as possible.  Our volunteers cover many of the costs themselves.  Occasionally, we may run an auction or sale to help offset administrative costs.  Every penny of every donation will go to Dobermans in need.

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