Jan 13: Vogue, a beautiful girl with Georgia Doberman Rescue, has been issued a grant. This precious girl was having serious intestinal issues and apparently her intestines were telescoping into themselves. They did Barium x-rays and monitored her with hopes it would correct itself, which it did. No surgery was needed, but the emergency care/testing was very expensive and DMDRA is happy we could assist.

Jan 13: Dog Gone Seattle has been issued a grant for Havoc's medical needs. He's a 1-year old purchased by a private citizen at 6 months from a breeder in Montana. He was "discounted" by the breeder because of a lump on his hip that the buyer noticed. A vet took x-rays and diagnosed him with Osteosarcoma and recommended euthanasia. That individual surrendered him to Dog Gone Seattle so he could get the help he needed. A second opinion and biopsies showed Osteochondroma which is not malignant but equally costly. Havoc has found people who care and he's starting his journey to a healthy life; DMDRA is glad to assist.

Feb 25: This precious girl came to Dobies and Little Paws in California in awful shape. The animal shelter had one day to find rescue for her due to her medical status. She had a swollen eye, thinning hair, an injured hip, an upper respiratory infection and she was absolutely emaciated. She spent 6 weeks in a foster home getting stronger before she could have surgery for her hip. It was an old injury that needed an FHO to take the pain away. Surgery is complete and we sure hope this girl lives her best life now.

Feb 18: A new grant has been issued to Opal, from Dog Mountain Rescue in California. She's a pretty 3 year old owner surrender in need of surgery for a torn ligament. These procedures run into the thousands, and most rescues have a difficult time with these costs.

Feb 12: Adorable Daphne, rescued by Victory 4 the Voiceless Animal Rescue in NY. This pretty girl was in an abusive, neglectful home and consequently had to spend time with an E-Vet to explore and manage the intestinal issues she developed from eating crap. Most Doberman families know the expense involved with this, so DMDRA is happy to assist.

Feb 2: Fred has been issued a grant to help Bluegrass Doberman Rescue (Kentucky) cover the expense of some serious surgery. This 6.5 year old boy and his brother lost their owner unexpectedly. They were alone about 2 weeks before before the rescue was called in. Poor Fred came with a broken leg. He was seen by a specialist, since the break was in an odd place (on the femur but just above the knee). Surgery was was successful and Fred is now recovering. 

Jul 19: A grant has been gifted to Dobies and Little Paws in California for pretty little Ruby. Ruby is a 2-year-old female who came from an animal shelter. She had been adopted briefly but the adopter reported she kept digging out so she was returned to the shelter. Dobies and Little Paws rescued her and what appeared to be a normal upper respiratory infection quickly became something more. Test results came back with distemper. She had a vaccine and she is an adult so she has better survival odds but treatment is expensive. 

Jul 12: A new grant has been issued to Doberman Rescue of Nevada. Axel has been living with a damaged knee for more than a year. An otherwise happy-go-lucky boy of 4, his people would occasionally put a brace on his leg with no impact and gave him a steady diet of Carprofen to kill the pain, but he was not walking well at all. Told he needed a TPLO, they surrendered him to DRNV instead of the shelter. A TPLO is significant surgery and recovery takes about three months. All signs point to a good recovery and bright future for this handsome guy.

Apr 28: A grant has been given to beautiful 9 year old Roxy and Doberman Rescue of Nevada. Losing her beloved elderly mom to hospice care, Roxy was taken into rescue. She needed some lumps and bumps removed and had some severe dental issues. She has had her surgery and is on the mend and doing well  

Apr 27: A new grant has been issued to Doberman Rescue of Nevada. Rusty is a lovely senior boy who lost his lifelong "dad" but was fortunately taken back in by the rescue that adopted him out so many years before. Sadly he did spend some time in a shelter before he could be recovered and he became ill, distressed and depressed. Medical testing began and then working through several medical issues, DRNV has given Rusty the health, security, and comfort needed for what we hope will be many more happy years.

Apr 26: A grant has been issued to Doberman Rescue of Nv for itty bitty Renee...

This precious 8 week old was one of two puppies left in a cooler outside a shelter. One baby could not be saved but DRNV was able to take this little one in time. Renee was initially treated for parvo but 48 hours later tested negative three times. She also tested negative for distemper. Still, she was anemic, unable to maintain body temperature, not eating and lethargic. The vet recommended specialist attention.  Once there, imaging showed Renee had mega esophagus. The feeding tube was replaced by hand-feeding and elevation appropriate for her condition. Her appetite came back strong and all vomiting ceased! Aspiration pneumonia in her left lung dissipated. Renee is now up and walking and eating at every opportunity. We look forward to her continuing to improve and live a beautiful life.

Apr 14: A new grant has been given to Doberman Underground in Ohio to assist with the medical care of Andy.  Andy is 11 months old and had a broken leg. He was surrendered to an Animal Hospital when the owners would not/could not pay for his care.  By the time he was able to get to the rescue, infection from a protruding bone had set in and surgery was mandated. We wish Andy all the best on his road to recovery.

Apr 8:  This is Maddy, a cute 10 month old all natural baby in Ca. Dog Mountain Rescue has been given a grant to assist with the cost of a CT scan to help with diagnosing the problems she is facing. Knowing surgery is in her future we wish her all the best.

Mar 17: Happy St Patrick's Day... and congratulations to Harlow on receiving her second grant with DMDRA. Harlow, a fluffy hypothyroid female currently in the care of High Desert Doberman Rescue, injured her elbow and required pinning surgery and long term physical therapy/rehabilitation. She was progressing well and dropped down to 74 pounds when the rescue noticed the hardware was loosening. She required another surgery to remove it and a culture revealed she is MRSA positive. Get better soon dear Harlow.

Mar 15: A new grant has been gifted to Gable from Doberman Rescue of Pa. This beautiful 3 yr old was involved in a hoarding case, and the consequence of being confined day in and day out was damaged teeth from chewing metal. Gable had major surgery to remove teeth and the roots left from broken teeth but is hopefully eating pain free now and on to better things.

Mar 7: Dog Gone Seattle has been issued a grant to further help with costs of surgery. Havoc successfully had his right hind limb amputated due to cancer. The operation was successful and we wish Havoc as many happy days as possible.

Mar 7: Faith is a pretty young girl with Dobies and Little Paws in Ca.  She had a fracture of the leg above her elbow that was so severe that amputation was the best way to give her a pain free life, with many years ahead of her.  We are pleased to provide a grant to help cover the costs of her surgery.

Mar 7: A grant has been given to High Desert Doberman Rescue for a sweet boy named Buddy. After surviving being hit by a car and surgery to correct his leg and broken teeth, he required another surgery for a mass on the top of his pretty little head. We wish nothing but the best for this velcro boy in New Mexico.

May 24: Carly is an 8-year-old cutie with Doberman Underground Rescue in Ohio. We have issued a grant to help cover the costs of treatment for a blood clot that occurred as a result

of treatment for heart worm. She is doing well now will be able to enjoy her senior years.

May 20: Hello Leo...This precious red boy is less than a year old but has already been

through so much. The victim of a hit and run, he was found on the side of the road with a severely broken pelvis. Distinguished Doberman Rescue in PA stepped in and got Leo all

the help he needed, which included removing a rock from his stomach as well as putting

plates in his hip. He is now recovering in their care and looking forward to a better life.

May 20: A grant has been gifted to The Doberman Rescue Pack in Washington. Cyrus is just beautiful, young, and loving. He was owner surrendered to rescue and not in the best shape at the time. Skin issues were treated but a limp persisted and soon diagnostics revealed an ACL tear. He has completed his surgery and as always, we hope he goes on to live his best life and remains pain free...

May 17:  Bonnie is a pretty little girl rescued by Dobies and Little Paws in California. After she was spayed, complications with bleeding occurred, she was surrendered, and rescue stepped in. An emergency corrective surgery and blood transfusion saved her life and she is now recovering and looking forward to a healthy happy life.

Jun 20: Corsa is a beautiful lady with Doberman Rescue Pack in WA. She is a 6yr old, spayed female who came into rescue as an owner surrender. She is a smart, fun loving girl who loves nothing more than to play fetch with her humans and play in water. However, on her exam they found a mass that required removal, and DMDRA has issued a grant to assist with that cost.

Jun 20: Amber is a sweetheart with Doberman Underground in Ohio. She is estimated to be about 4 years old.  Amber was thrown out of a moving car in front of the humane society. Upon exam this baby girl needs surgery on both knees. DMDRA has issued a grant to assist with this expense. 

Jun 17: Dobies and Little Paws in Ca. has rescued this little baby with the big name and big problems; Sir Pumpkin Pie came from an animal shelter with a shattered elbow and broken leg. The orthopedic vet recommended amputation surgery since the leg would never be usable and it would cause him long term pain. A grant has been issued and we hear he is doing great on 3 legs.

Jun 14: This handsome boy is Chester, now living with Doberman Rescue of Nevada. Sweetie boy is only 4 but has lived his life in the family’s back yard until they moved away... without him. This still happy boy gets along with kids and other dogs, makes friends with most everyone he meets. During the post op exam after his neuter the vet detected a murmur, and an echocardiogram came next. After the heart images were taken and recorded, the technician spotted something in part of the stomach and sure enough, a rock was found. So on to another surgery to remove the rock. He came through surgery just fine, but the results of the echo came back, and sadly he was diagnosed with DCM. We are pleased to award a grant to help cover these costs. Now it's time to live.... and live his best life, however long it may be, and we sure hope it's LONG. 

Jun 7: Hello Cliffy. He was left at the shelter when his people moved and did not take him. All they knew for sure was that his name is Cliff, he was a VERY overweight 6-year-old and had some scary-looking growths. Two of his nipples had growths that appeared to be “sprouting” from the end and had to be repaired. His skin was callused and sores on his feet would sometimes drip blood. The shelter deemed this happy, pleasant and typical “goofy red boy” un-adoptable. Doberman Rescue of Nevada came in and gave Cliffy his second chance. Addressing his numerous issues was expensive and DMDRA has awarded a grant to help with this. Good luck Cliffy, you are adorable.

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